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Angela Eliacostas named 2021 Distinguished Woman in Logistics

We are honored and so proud of our lady in command. Angela was named Distinguished Woman in Logistics during the Transportation Intermediaries Association 2021 “Capital Ideas” Virtual Conference. Congratulations Angela – You Keep Our World Turning.



“Angela Eliacostas has become more than just a member of Women In Trucking Association, she has become a mentor, a speaker and a writer who shares her passion for our mission every chance she gets,” said Ellen Voie, president and CEO of WIT. “We love to honor those who help support and encourage women in the industry.”

With more than thirty years of transportation management experience, Angela has built AGT Global on honesty, integrity, and diligence. She developed a proprietary three-tier carrier-rating system designed to reward drivers and companies who perform at the highest standards. She has also carved out a niche for herself in the energy and utilities sector as a 3PL with 24/7/365 access and service. AGT employees are not only experienced with trucking — several holding commercial driver’s licenses, many also are Hazmat certified.

The personalized, small-business care, coupled with advanced technology, sets AGT Global Logistics apart from not only other tier-II 3PLs but also from the “big guys.” Angela notes that sometimes being a Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises status is why AGT received an RFP, but getting the job often takes more than non-MWBE companies offer. Keeping the account requires that AGT Global performs better in all aspects. Fortunately, once these accounts are won — they stay.

In-house, Eliacostas has established a committed team of team members. More than sixty percent of her employees are women, and many have been with her since before she started AGT in 2005. In 2019, she brought to life a new internship program that trains people who show promise, determination, and the ability to learn even if they do not have 3PL experience. This has provided an opportunity for people who have driven in the past, and it also brings new people into the transportation world from other backgrounds.

As a certified MWBE, Angela promotes first and second-tier spends by using as many MWBEs as she can in her own vendors and contracts.


“Winning this award is such an honor. I hope to represent Women In Trucking and this award by sharing encouragement and advice. To all of the women steering their ways in the world of transportation and logistics — remember, achievement isn’t reaching a final destination. Achievement doesn’t stop, it means realizing your dreams and then striving to do more. There will be frustrating times. Always keep pushing. Believe in what you’re doing, whether in a male-dominated industry or otherwise. Have faith in yourself and your abilities. Be confident. Then, you will succeed,” Eliacostas said.

The Award

Thanks goes to WIT, TIA, and TruckStop.com for sponsoring this award that promotes the achievements of women employed in the North American transportation industry. It highlights the vital roles of women in the dynamic and influential field of commercial transportation and logistics.

Members of the judging panel include: Brent Hutto, chief relationship officer, Truckstop.com; Anne Reinke, president and CEO, TIA; Dr. Stephanie S. Ivey, associate dean for research and professor, Herff College of Engineering; and Ellen Voie, president and CEO, WIT.

Watch the award segment from the virtual conferenceĀ