We Keep Your World Turning

Our Story

Angela Eliacostas, founder of AGT Global Logistics, has over 25 years of operational experience in various trucking and transportation companies. The services these companies provided were general in nature and not always offered in partnership with the client. Having worked in transportation since age 12, Angela’s life-long experience gave her a unique perspective. Angela saw a gap created by these generic services, and an opportunity to keep the client’s world turning through elevated education and communication.

Angela’s vision for an unstoppable transportation company soon led her to utilities – a world where transportation demanded hands-on supervision and advanced communications to stay in motion. Utility logistics management became the focus and the opportunity to prove Angela’s vision.

Angela started her company as All Girls Transportation & Logistics, Inc. to highlight the woman owned and operated nature. Its focus was creating a transportation program unique to the utility industry with negotiable rates and services, identifiable carriers able to serve and a unique ability to educate, communicate, and provide personalized representation.

As offerings and services grew, a natural evolution took place including an evolved brand and name – AGT Global Logistics – the same customer service you already trust with a refreshed, solutions-driven focus.

On the uncertain road of global transportation and logistics, we keep your world turning. No matter what.