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About Angela

Angela Eliacostas, President and Founder of AGT Global Logistics.

With more than 25 years in the transportation industry, Angela has worked her way from the ground up. When she was a young girl, Angela’s father ran a trucking company and was on the road during most of the week. In order to spend time with him, she would help her father fuel, park and wash his trucks, while also learning the transportation business along the way. Then, from moving on to a billing clerk shortly thereafter, to a now premier transportation contract negotiator. Angela is an industry leader in expediting shipments and serves as a liaison between carriers and companies.

Following generations of relatives with expertise in the transportation industry, Angela made the natural transition to her own career within the industry.

In addition to raising 4 boys, Angela has been recognized for making AGT Global Logistics one of the top 50 woman owned businesses in Illinois in 2015.

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