AGT Global Logistics is a third party logistics industry leader in the transportation of hazardous materials. In transporting such inherently sensitive materials, our strong safety track record and dedication to constant communication has propelled us to one of the midwest’s largest transportation companies for the utility and specialized service industry. Our skillset has been fortified over the last 15 years by working closely with the utility industry in all of its forms, providing solar, hydro, wind, natural gas, and coal transportation and logistics services. All of our approved carriers are trained to safely transport Hazmat and Sensitive Cargo based on Federal Regulations (49-CFR), parts 100-185.

Pre-and-post outage planning, hazardous material, specialized equipment, and inbound and outbound shipments are just part of the holistic hazardous material package offered exclusively by AGT Global Logistics. Using the most comprehensive network of transportation available, AGT is unstoppable.