AGT helps you this Holiday Season

We don’t know what we got, until … we can’t find it in the store!

With some of the biggest US holidays happening soon – we all need to embrace our personal-logistics superpowers.

In the world of logistics, many contributing factors go into our day-to-day lives. Fortunately, most people never think about how important the supply chain is to their everyday lives – – until we find empty shelves or your package arrives two weeks late.

We’re here to help guide you through the 2021 holiday season.

What are some of the fears currently being spread around the internet? Let’s start with the one that could ruffle some feathers …

No Turkey for Thanksgiving? 

Fortunately, this scare doesn’t seem to be real. The mumble of a turkey shortage was first felt in Canada for Canadian Thanksgiving –  and although the turkey processors of Canada have been hit hard, reports from the Turkey Famers of Canada state, “Turkey farmers work together under supply management to match what they grow with what consumers need and want. The industry is able to prevent surpluses or shortages in the market by planning production, ensuring Canadian consumers have access to a reliable supply of high quality Canadian turkey products at reasonable prices, year-round.” 


Image by RODNAE Productions


Stories from Toronto to Newfoundland all found that after a brief start of limiting the number of birds/customer — the supply was enough to meet the demand.

This is good news for those of us on the other side of the border. The US seems to mirror the current turkey production status of Canada. We have reduced production and, unfortunately, have laid-off workers and shut down turkey plants. So, a surge in demand looks like something our supply chain is ready for – as is the turkey production industry.

It might not be precisely the bird you want – but there are turkeys for the taking. Due to smaller family gatherings and reduction in production –  smaller and fresh birds may be more challenging to grab up at your local grocer. Still, there is no expected overall turkey shortage.

Don’t be afraid to Gobble up those birds at the store; there should be enough for everyone.

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