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Only Two Weeks until Thanksgiving

We’re here to help keep your world turning over the holidays.

With two weeks before Thanksgiving, we’ve compiled a list of things to tackle now.

  • Invite guests


  • Plan menu
    Thanksgiving menu from

    Menu from


  • Begin a shopping list – Keep in mind the guests and any special dietary needs.


  • Make room – clean out your freezer, fridge, and pantry.


  • Order flowers – The national companies use your local florists – cut out the middle person and order directly from the local florist.


  • Take inventory of kitchen tools needed
    • Meat thermometer
    • Heavy-duty roasting pan with rack
    • Baking dishes
    • Serve ware, flatware
    • Dishes and glasses
    • Basting brush/bulb
    • Fat separator, cheesecloth
    • Wire wisk
    • Sharpened knife/electric slicer
    • Food storage containers
    • Extra oven mitts


  • Ensure your pantry has the Thanksgiving staples
    • Chicken or vegetable stock
    • Canned pumpkin
    • Sage
    • Thyme
    • Cinnamon
    • Corn starch
    • Flour
    • Vegetable oil and shortening


More tips next week on menu, early prep, and recipes that will store until the big day.

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