Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving. Wednesday timeline and suggested planning.

Wednesday Thanksgiving Activities

Set the table. Brine the Turkey. Chop the Veggies. Cook. Bake. Enjoy the start of the Celebration!

Photo by Angele J


  • Bake
    • Cheesecake
    • Pecan pie
  • Set dining room table



Photo by Mat Brown



  •  Turkey
    • Remove giblets and neck from turkey cavity
    • Brine the turkey
    • Make stock out of turkey neck and giblet (do not use the liver as it can make the broth bitter)


Need to drive right after turkey dinner? Rumor has it Mango will counter the turkey tryptophan so you won’t feel the Thanksgiving dinner drag.

Mango for Chutney

Mango is known to counter the Turkey dinner tiredness      Photo by Ron Lach



Night Before –  Wednesday night

Season Turkey

Prepare Easy Turkey Gravy (just in case you need extra tomorrow); store jar/container in the fridge.