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Planning for Success with Nuclear Power

Investing in Expert Logistical Planning and Execution Results in Safe, Reliable, Cost-effective, Nuclear Energy Generation


For all its merits, the nuclear power industry has been trapped in a vicious circle for some time. Here’s how it works: competition from cheap sources of natural gas (fracking) leads to nuclear power companies instituting cost-cutting measures in an effort to remain profitable. Those cuts can include cutting back allocations for preparedness, which can then invariably result in dramatic cost-overruns when foreseeable, preventable problems erupt that swamp budgets that are already stretched to the breaking point. In the bargain, public perception of the safety and reliability of the entire industry takes another hit, exerting even more pressure on the industry as a whole.

As withering as this state of affairs is, it only represents the day-to-day downward trajectory for nuclear energy; lack of logistical planning also opens up the possibility of the occurrence of much more dramatic, far more-costly events, such as the The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

In February of 2011, the massive Tōhoku earthquake triggered a deadly tsunami that rocked Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, permanently damaging several reactors, and leading to the decommissioning of the entire plant. Tellingly, however, the underlying cause of the plant failure was found to be not this historic natural disaster, but a lack of planning on the part of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). After an exhaustive investigation into the disaster, the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission (NAIIC) determined that the causes of the accident had been foreseeable, and that TEPCO had failed to plan and perform required risk assessments that would have prevented the plant’s failure. The total cost associated with this disaster have been estimated as high as 250 billion dollars. And all of it could have been avoided had TEPCO simply dedicated the resources required to create a comprehensive logistical plan and faithfully executed it. Put more simply, nuclear energy didn’t fail us; we failed nuclear energy.


 But we can do better.


For those of us who understand the benefits of nuclear power and are committed to its success, it is crucial that we take the steps necessary to operate efficiently and safely.

Any company in any industry will stumble if they are inefficient. In a competitive landscape, nuclear power companies must constantly and aggressively seek new levels of efficiency. The best way to identify those refinements is through comprehensive logistical planning. Reliable logistics is integral for an effective supply chain. Late delivery of key materials, employees idled by delays, unexpected losses suffered when materials are in transport as a result of improper packaging all of these factors and more can contribute to huge overruns that can make the difference in whether a company succeeds or fails.

The path to a safe, reliable, cost-effective and profitable future for the nuclear power industry is not a complicated one. It does, however, require a strict dedication to the most rigorous standards of logistical planning, and an unwavering commitment to faithfully executing those plans.

Ready to make your 2017 outage unstoppable? Let’s talk.

3 Phases that are Sure to Make Your Scheduled Outage Unstoppable

Outage planning is a complicated discipline that requires the coordination of available resources, tight scheduling, consideration of safety issues, and the satisfying of a plethora of regulatory and technical requirements. Hundreds — sometimes even thousands — of contract workers are brought on site to support the outage, allowing the utility to work continuously, around the clock, until the outage is complete. Scheduled outages are often planned up to a year in advance and can last anywhere from a week to months.

We understand that time and constant communication are critical to your success. In recent years, cost overruns for planned outages at some utilities have dramatically exceeded their original set-asides for that work.




With our newly-unveiled, three-phase approach to Outage Planning, we are able to keep utility companies on schedule and on budget. These three phases require a variety of different problem-solving skills and, as we do all three extremely well, it makes sense to offer them together as a single, unstoppable solution for our clients.

PHASE 1: Before

Rigorous and methodical pre-outage planning can significantly reduce the duration and expense of these outages. As mentioned, successful outages are often planned with more than a year of lead time. AGT Global Logistics specializes in executing pre-outage planning for utility companies to minimize the impact of delays and complete all scheduled work on time while managing planned outage costs to stay within the utility’s budget. 


PHASE 2: During

In addition to the scheduled revisions, new defects are often discovered once the planned outage has been initiated that have the potential to derail the entire outage timeline and explode the budget for scheduled maintenance. Dealing with unexpected defects discovered once the outage is underway, however, requires an ability to troubleshoot those problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.


PHASE 3: After

Post-outage analysis gives us the opportunity to refine our understanding of our own processes and increase the likelihood of even better outcomes in the future. We then take these learnings and create a comprehensive report that help us celebrate our wins together and create a plan for improvement moving forward. 




AGT’s tightly coordinated three-phase approach will go a long way towards reining in the crippling cost overruns with poorly executed outages. And it can be done. To cite just one example of the potential savings of expert logistical planning, in the May-June 2013 issue of Nuclear Plant Journal, Outage Manager Mark Hansen of NextEra Energy, Inc. related how Point Beach Nuclear Plant adopted an aggressive schedule for the planned outage of their Unit 1 plant. Taking lessons from their past successes and failures, they allocated only 80 days for completion. Thanks to a combination of smart logistical planning and execution, the project was completed in only 74.9 days, saving millions of dollars for the company, and without sacrificing safety or quality.


Now What?

Contact us well before your next scheduled outage to take advantage of the AGT Three Phase Approach. We keep your world turning.

Welcome to our new blog – “AGT on Logistics”

All Girls Transportation & Logistics, Inc. started over 10 years ago with a commitment to elevated client communication and a relentless devotion to getting freight from point A to point B, on time AND on budget. But as our company expanded, so have our service offerings. Meaning we now do FAR more than just transportation…

Which is why we’re so excited to announce our new brand. As of today, All Girls Transportation & Logistics, Inc. will be known as – AGT Global Logistics.

We’re the same full-service third party logistics firm you’ve always trusted, now with the next evolution of streamlined 3PL service offerings in air, intermodal and specialized freight as well as outage planning and hazardous material transportation. These evolved service offerings have been built up over the years; it was time for our name to catch up!

Fueled by a passion for keeping our clients’ worlds turning, we do it all. AGT Global Logistics is, in a word, “unstoppable.”

With this move to AGT Global Logistics, we have launched a new website with increased functionality and this new “AGT On Logistics” blog. Here you will find posts featuring everything logistics from industry insights informed by our years on the job, illustrative infographics, unstoppable stories and so much more.

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Thank you for your continued trust in our mission and here’s to a new chapter as AGT Global Logistics.